Memorandum No.ForSubjectDate
Memo. No. 019DOST 02 Concerned PersonnelConduct of Strategic Planning-Workshop cum Training on Gender and DevelopmentApril 18,2016
Memo No. 007BTeresita A. TabaogEstablishment of Breastfeeding AreaJanuary 9,2017
Memo. No. 007ADOST 02 PersonnelDOST 02 Top Management Support to GAD ActivitiesFebruary 8,2017
Memo. No. 011ATeresita A. TabaogReview of existing policies for consistency with emerging GAD IssuesJanuary 18,2017
Memo. No. 040ATeresita A. TabaogAnti Sexism, use of Gender Fair Language in DOST 02April 12,2017
Memo. No. 008AAll DOST Personnel Teresita A. TabaogGAD Policy for women in the Science and Technology Sector in Region 02January 15,2017
Memo No. 018AAll DOST Personnel Teresita A. Tabaog All DOST 02 PersonnelSupport to Women’s Month Celebration VAW and other GAD-related activitiesFebruary 8,2017
Memo. No. 047AAll DOST 02 Personnel Teresita A. TabaogIntegration on GAD in DOST 02’s Programs and ProjectsMay 8,2017
Memo. No. 052AAll DOST 02 PersonnelCollection of Sex-Disaggregated Data for all DOST 02’s programs and projectsMay 24,2017
Memo. No. 019Teresita A. Tabaog Members of DOST 02 GFPS2018 National Women;s Month CelebrationFebruary 28,2018
Memo. No. 081AChairperson,Vice Chairpersons and Members of TWG of the DOST 02 GFPS Lumen B. Valdepeǹas GAD StaffDOST 02’S Activities for the 2018 18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC)October 18,2018
Memo No. 088Teresita A. Tabaog Viriginia G. Bilgera Mary Ann P. Maglasin All Heads and members of DOST 02 GFPSReorientation meeting and Workshop th reconstituted DOST 02 GAD GFPSOctober 31,2018
Memo. No. 080AProvincial S & T Directors DOST 02 Concerned PersonnelPreparation of Gender-Sensitive and Gender-responsive Project ProposalsOctober 09,2018
Memo. No. 091AARDs, Provincial S & T Directors Program/Project LeadersEstablishment of Key Performance Indicators(KPI’s) for GADNovember 3,2018
Memo No. 086All DOST 02 Personnel TWG members of DOST 02 GFPSReports on the mainstreaming of GAD through submission of provincial/unit GMEF(Gender mainstreaming and Evaluation Framework) reports for 2018October 30.2018
Memo. No. 080BTeresita A. Tabaog Provincial S & T DirectorsEstablishment of a Women Economic Empowerment(WEE) Desk in your respective UnitsOctober 09,2018
Memo No. 022ATeresita A. TabaogCreation/Development of Innovative Strategies to mainstream Gender and Development(GAD) to DOST 02’s internal and external CustomersOctober 13,2016
Memo No. 040ATeresita A. TabaogInclusion of a GAD Mainstreaming Procedure and VAWC Referral System in DOS 02 ISO 9001:2015 QMSJune 08,2018
Memo No. 070ATeresita A. Tabaog GFPS MembersReview of 1-3 IEC Materials for Gender Fair LanguageOctober 1,2018
Memo No. 082AChairperson,Vice Chairpersons and Members of TWG of the DOST 02 GFPS Lumen B. Valdepeǹas GAD StaffProduction of IEC Materials Reflecting mainstreaming of GAD in DOST 02’s Programs and ProjectsOctober 22,2018
Memo No. 081BTeresita A. Tabaog Christopher Musni Lumen B. Valdepeǹas Clyde Beth CaraangUpdating GAD WebsiteOctober 18,2018
Memo No. 063ATeresita A. Tabaog Viriginia G. Bilgera Christopher Musni Racquel B. Santos Rowena A. GuzmanCreation of a GAD Database for the SETUP and CEST Programs of DOST 02September 10,2018
Memo No. 084ATeresita A. Tabaog Christopher Musni Racquel B. SantosCreation of GAD Knowledge Management System (KMS)October 26,2018
Memo No. 097All Units DOST 02 WorkforceIntegration of GAD in DOST 02’s award/Incentive SystemDecember 4,2018